Art Direction by Christina Holtzen

Many vs Cancer: Branding

Many vs Cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Many vs Cancer

Logo development
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Project completion
January 2017

Prostate Cancer Foundation engaged Blue State Digital to define and develop brand identity for a community called Many vs Cancer. The organization is raising $1 billion to fund the cure for prostate cancer and bring awareness to those at a risk of contracting the disease. Simply put, Many vs Cancer is the fundraising arm of PCF.

In the initial naming of the movement, Many vs Cancer was not a top contender. However, I had a vision for the logo that stood out among many other options. It was the powerful execution of the Many vs Cancer logo that led the client to buy into the naming and eliminate all others. The Many vs Cancer logo evokes a superhero’s crest, or a sports team nameplate. It leaps off a screen, T-shirt or poster. It welcomes you onto the team and encourages you to get involved.

Its shape evokes the PCF logo’s double helix, embedding the “versus” at the core of our most potent scientific tool—the human genome. It is a true visual representation of PCF as both the scientific and social movement to end prostate cancer.

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