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April 2017

After I established the branding for Many vs Cancer, I created the digital home for the community. The goal of the site is to rally people together to donate, fundraise in honor of a patient, and challenge your friends and family to join you in the movement. While the site is defined by these core actions, it's also a home for sharing the work of the Many vs Cancer community, as well as a place to discover inspirational stories of patients and loved ones who have experienced the impact of prostate cancer.

The site's visual language is inspired by the Many vs Cancer logo. With the upward movement of the crest, I wanted to incorporate the diagonal throughout the site. Through the use of energetic colors and sport-like photography, I wanted to compel the user to take action and harness the heroic tone across the site.

In addition to a responsive website experience, we were tasked to create templates for weekly social graphics and an email wrapper. Both evoked the Many vs Cancer branding. The graphics typically showcased a quote from a patient or a loved one who lost someone to prostate cancer. The goal of these graphics is to engage the social media community and lead them to join a team or start their own fundraising efforts.

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