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Packers Everywhere

Packers Everywhere

Packers Everywhere

2016 Ticket Takeover Contest

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April 2015

With a global and active fan base, the team wanted a digital program that offered new opportunities to connect fans with each other and their team. As a result, Packers Everywhere was developed as a digital platform that serves as the global hub for Green Bay love.

As a retainer client, my team and I worked on various contests and campaigns throughout the year to maintain engagement with fans. Although the branding is the one that remained constant, I tailored each campaign with an individualized look and feel to reflect each football season. Our deliverables included numerous email, social graphics, eCards and landing pages. Each reflecting the branding that we established.

For the 2016 season I paid homage to the team's roots by creating a retro design through the use of black and white photography that showcased energetic fans, old textures and typography from a bygone era. One of our biggest campaigns during each season is the Ticket Takeover Contest and thanks to the effective design we saw an uptick in entries. For the contest fans entered their photo using a dynamic photo uploader tool in which they could see what their face looks like on a 2016 Packers ticket. The fan with the highest number of votes earned their face on more than 80,000 tickets and tickets to a Packers game. 

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