Art Direction by Christina Holtzen

Lepp's Get Married

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Event Collateral Branding
Design and Styling

Invitation Suite
Day of Event Collateral

Project completion
November 2017

I developed the branding of my own wedding that included the creation of event collateral, invitation suite, and styling of the day. I centered the branding around a portion of my new last name “Van Lepp” and turned it into a fun catchphrase: “Lepp’s Get Married.” The catchphrase was incorporated into all of the event signage to add a fun flair for the guests. I was also influenced by the desert and the mountains since it has been a constant fixture in our relationship with me being from New Mexico and my husband having a strong admiration for the outdoors. As a result, I incorporated Southwestern motif into the wedding collateral featuring geometric patterns and hues inspired by the desert terrain. My husband and I took it a step further by hand dying our napkins and canning prickly pear jam as favors. Our wedding was a labor of love and we wanted it to be a true reflection of us.

Invitation Suite


Day of Event Collateral

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